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Free ZNC Account with italicizer


Free ZNC account

       ZNC is an IRC bouncer. It allows you to connect to your internet relay chat through an alternate location. This allows you to do many things such as, keep logged in 24/7, hide your IP address, log into IRC with multiple clients, and much more. We are offering a free ZNC account for qualifying users. If you do not meet the requirements below you will not be eligible to apply. If you already have an account and need help click here.

       We reserve our ZNC slots for users who will get the most benefit out of it. If you are someone who won’t be using the account at least 5 times a week and/or you just want it to idle, do not apply. Accounts are deleted within 30 days of inactivity (This means logging into ZNC). If you do not receive a reply to your application within 7 days, consider yourself on the waiting list. Thank you for your patience, and please contact postmaster@italicizer.com with any questions.


  • Good Grasp of the English language
  • Basic understanding of ZNC (no newbies)
  • A good reason for needing it


Fill out the form below to apply for italicizer ZNC. Once this form has been sent, it will automatically send you a confirmation that the application has been received (mainly to verify e-mail address).

Fill out the questions below. All applications will be viewed within a week period. If your application is accepted you will receive an e-mail with your log-in details and further instructions.

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